My name is Shavon and here's what I'm NOT:

- An expert on bail procedures, bail reforms or law
- A lawyer or any representative of the law
- A political figure or representative of any major brands
- Someone who will personally bail you out
- Here for anything anti Black

I am a Black woman (she/her).  I'm also a photographer in my late 30's from Brooklyn New York who has lived through countless examples of law enforcement, mass media, our government, this country (I can go on) that have proven that my black ass is not worthy of any basic human rights or respect.

As the Black community watched yet another one of our own die at the hands of police, tons of information began spreading.  Ways to help, businesses to support, bail funds that needed assistance, protest tips and more were scattered across various timelines, posts and text message chains.  It was beautiful to see us come together and share helpful information but also frustrating as some of the organizations shared were not properly vetted.  Frustrated with not finding one location that combined resources for protests, Black owned business listings and information on organizations built around causes that I align myself with, I decided to create one.  Thus, Reflections in Black was born.

Each and every resource provided on this site has been researched by myself.  All bail fund organizations have websites to find out more information and history to back them.  The organizations shared in the Community section fight the good fight for their cause year round and all Black owned businesses shared are just that.  Businesses that are women or LGBTQIA owned/majority operated are indicated.
My goal is for Reflections in Black to be a constant resource and safe space for everything Black.

If you'd like to give a donation to help keep the lights on around these parts or if you've found the resources useful and would like to show your appreciation in the form of money, please do so below.
Reflections in Black